March 2019 talk

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Analysing the Skeleton of a King – Prof. Jane Evans (BGS)


When the Richard III Society teamed up with Leicester University and Leicester City Council to look for the mortal remains of King Richard III very few people would have predicted the global interest that this small scale excavation created.   The “King in the Carpark” captured the imagination of the public. This talk will describe the dig and the way in which all the evidence was pieced together, from the initial discovery, through the osteological, isotope and DNA evidence in order to provide a convincing identification of the King. The story provides an insight into the archaeological and associated disciplines as seen from both the scientific and media perspective.


Prof Evans is an isotope geochemist working for the British Geological Survey. The early part of her career focussed on the analysis of volcanic rocks in the UK and overseas, often in support of field mapping studies. As the use of isotope analysis widened into the field of archaeology she started to specialize in tracing human movement and migration and now collaborates widely on this topic. In her spare time, she enjoys bee keeping and kayaking.

Jane Evans MSc, PhD, FGS, C.Geol.

Visiting Professor, School of Archaeology and Ancient History, Leicester University

Honorary Professor, School of Humanities, Nottingham University