Field Trips – Residential
  • Scarborough Royal Hotel: May 2018

    When: 18th May 2018.
    What to expect:

    Led by Brian Ellis, Ian Fenwick, Mike Allen to include Robin Hood's Bay / Ravenscar, Filey also a visit to the Rotunda Museum Jurassic & Quaternary Geology Brigg and nearby glacial features.

  • Lake District: September 2018

    When: 7th Sep 2018.
    What to expect: Lake District, Coniston area

    Led by Dr Simon Drake, Birkbeck College, London. We will examine the Borrowdale Volcanics and the Ordovician / Silurian boundary rocks and landscape development.

    Participants will be required to arrange their own accommodation but it is hoped to arrange a group dinner on the Saturday, and possibly the Sunday, evenings. To allow time for participants to book accommodation early in this popular location, registration documents will be sent out earlier than usual – do look out for them during February.

Previous field trips include:

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Useful information:

  • The collecting of rock samples and fossils is very popular, and where this is appropriate and allowed.
  • We visit towns and villages to investigate the uses of different local and imported building stones as well as investigating the local geology as reflected in collections in museums.
  • All attendees must have read the leaflet safety guide for site visits.

Arrangements for the unexpected cancellation of meetings:

An email will be sent to all members, and phone calls to those not online.
The WGCG mobile phone will be answered on the day. For Wednesday evening field trips from 11am. For Saturday or Sunday day field trips from 8.30am.

The number to ring is 0752 7204184