GEOWEEK 2019 is coming to Warwickshire!

What’s Geoweek you may well ask? Across many countries a national awareness week captures the essence of the local scenery and landscape, including the underlying Geology with a series of events which may include a geoscience field visit or guided walks. In Spain, it is estimated that 10,000 people participate in all sorts of events and earth science festivals on one day each year.

The UK initiative seeks to introduce as many members of the public to geoscience as possible, mainly through outdoor urban and rural fieldwork. So, we hope you might be interested to find out more about your County, and in particular, some local walks lead by volunteers from the Warwickshire Geological Conservation Group (WGCG). Geoweek 2019 runs from 4th until 12th May.

More details about Geoweek can be found here.

More details about WGCG activities for Geoweek can be found here.

Geoweek 4th to 12th May 2019. Find out more here...