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WGCG has popular winter evening geology talks & summer field visits. We survey LGS & SSSI sites and run Holloway Awards.

We aim to raise awareness of, and conserve, local rock exposures.
• Come on a local geology walk
• Join a geo talk • See: Events

Members enjoy guided summer evening local geo field walks.
WGCG members survey over 80 'Local Geological Sites' (LGS) in Warwickshire. Find out more ...

Our guided and led visits, evening or full-day, are to local or regional geologically interesting places.
Further afield, we enjoy residential UK weekend field visits. See Events & Past Events.

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Newsletter Spring 2021, Issue No. 41, Contents
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Local Geological Sites (LGS)

Warwickshire’s Local Geological Sites (LGS) are important. They underpin and complement Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) – also called Triple-SI.

WGCG surveys and reports on the over 80 LGS and 20 SSSI sites in Warwickshire.

Brandon Geo Wall

The Geology Wall at Brandon Marsh is a great way to see more than 600 million years of local geology in a one place in a few minutes.

Brandon Geo Wall

Million years of the Earth's history is preserved in the rocks of Warwickshire and displayed in the Brandon Wall with information boards to explain everything.

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Last Updated on 11 Apr 2021