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Newsletter Spring 2024


From the Chair (Stuart Burley) P4

Editorial (Ray Pratt) P4

WGCG Organisation P7-13

Public Engagement P13

Awards P14-17

Geo-Conservation P18

Local Geological Sites (LoGS) P18-21

Past Events P22-42

Events to come P43-45

Membership form P48

WGCG online links P50

Newsletter Autumn 2023


WGCG Aims and Objectives P4

Officers messages P5

Public Engagement P8

Events past P8-31

Events to come P40-43

WGCG Organogram P43-44

Membership form P45

WGCG online links P47

Newsletter Spring 2023


Meanwhile Brian Ellis P 3
Chairman’s Note Stuart Burley P 4
WGCG Workshop 18 February 2023: The Geology of Warwickshire
Trevor Acreman P7
WGCG Honorary Memberships P12
Shrewley Cutting Gets a Spring Clean Stuart Burley and Jon Radley P13
Holloway Award Reports Brian Ellis P19
Obituary: John Bell P20

2023 Spring

Newsletter Autumn 2022


Ladbroke Church – A Geological Treasure Trove
Jackie West P4
Geoconservation: Rowington Canal Cutting P11
Geoscience Summer Schools: Brian Ellis and Peter Loader P19
Can You Outpace an Erupting Volcano?: George Guice
Obituary: Thelma Gee P24
Field Trip to Llandrindod: Mike Allen P25
Field Trip to the Mendips: Ray Pratt P34
Winter Lecture Programme 2022/2023: Mike Allen P40

2022 Autumn
Newsletter Spring 2022

Newsletter Spring 2022


In Memory of Martyn Bradley P4
The Traffic Stops for WGCG – a New Arden Sandstone Site Surveyed: Stuart Burley, Max Down, Brian Ellis and Ray Pratt P9
Revealing and Conserving the Geology of Warwickshire:
Philip Henser and Peter Band P18
Trip to North Lincolnshire 20-23 August 2021: Mike Allen P22
Holloway Bursaries Update:
Secure Storage for Geological Specimens: Jon Radley P30
Professor Chris King P32
Summer Fieldwork Programme: Mike Allen P33

2022 Spring

Newsletter Autumn 2021, Issue No 42

Newsletter Spring 2021, Issue No. 41, Contents
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