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Talk: Iapetus No More – The continental collision that shaped Scotland by Angus Miller

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Five hundred million years ago, the Iapetus Ocean lay between three continents in the southern hemisphere. The tectonics of the next 100 million years brought different segments of continent together, formed the grain of the land and created the building blocks of much of Scotland’s landscape. This talk will explore the closure of the Iapetus Ocean, the formation of most of the metamorphic and igneous rocks of the Highlands and Southern Uplands, and the complex events that together make the most significant event in Scotland’s geological history.


Talk: Mary Anning, The Fossil Woman by Tom Sharpe

Virtual (Zoom or YouTube) Zoom as if from - St Francis of Assisi R C Church, Kenilworth

Introduction: It has been said that more has been written about Mary Anning, the fossil dealer of Lyme Regis, than about any other geologist, apart from Charles Darwin. But how much do we really know? How much is speculation? And how much is myth that has developed through the uncritical telling and retelling of her tale over the course of two centuries? Are we seeing a new Anning myth in the making, thanks to a recent film? Separating the facts from the fictions about Mary Anning can be challenging, but her story is a remarkable tale in its own right. This talk will examine what we know of the life of this extraordinary woman, her famous - and less well-known - discoveries, and her part within the wider network of the developing science of palaeontology in the early nineteenth century, and will seek to dispel at least a few of the Mary myths.