In October WGCG will host the Geologists Association “Geology From Your Sofa”. The GA introduced the GFYS monthly online newsletter during the Covid lockdown period. This proved very popular and enabled the GA to provide a service its members during this disruption to normal activities. Now all activities have returned to normal the need for GFYS has declined and so the decision is to phase this out, with the last GFYS scheduled for December 2023. Many of you will have noticed that throughout 2023 GFYS has been hosted by regional groups. The online library WGCG have created since lockdown commenced has placed us in a good position to be able to play our part to host the October GFYS, and by which, promote local Warwickshire geology to colleagues in other regional groups.

A geology quiz of Warwickshire geology has been put together as part of this GFYS. If you have watched our WGCG field trip and talk recordings you should be able to answer all the questions. Take our quiz & test your knowledge