Summer Field trip bonanza – updated with links

2023 summer field season began with the two Geoweek events in May taking in the Urban geology of Kenilworth and Warwick. Both events were fully subscribed. Download a photo report of the Warwick trip. Watch a video of the Warwick Sandstone on our YouTube channel.

Participants of the Urban Geology tour of Warwick led by Jon Radley.

A trip to Roundberry Quarry one beautiful evening in mid June was led by Ray Pratt, with 25 participants plus 5 children. This is a private location that the owners maintain to a high level, with the best exposures of the Chester Formation, (aka Bunter Pebble Beds), in Warwickshire. A video recording is now available on our YouTube channel.

Roundberry Quarry evening excursion 19-6-23

In July a three day long weekend field trip was organised visiting the Flamborough Head area of Yorkshire. Paul Hildreth of the Yorkshire Geological Society and the GA led this trip. Participants were treated to some excellent geology and learned how to correlate the beds between locations in the absences of fossils. The weather was very good and the scenery superb. We started off with a group of 10 but each day we seemed to attract local interest and end up with a couple more. A field trip report will be created for the Autumn 2023 newsletter.

Participants for the Flamborough weekend congregate at North Landing at the start of the field trip.

An evenings field trip was recently run to examine the spectacular exposures of the Helsby Sandstone (aka Warwick Sandstone) at Guys Cliffe in Warwick. Stuart Burley led this very educational trip and oversubscribed trip. A recording of this excursion is now available on our YouTube channel. Download handouts.

Participants at the end of the Guys Cliffe field outing

The summer is not yet over so keep your eyes open for other outings that you can participate in.