Charnwood Forest Field Trip

Note the date: Nick Chidlaw will lead a field weekend around Charnwood commencing Friday September 20 ending Sunday 22 September 2024. Details to follow. Details to follow

The giant pliosaur, Steve Etches and David Attenborough

If you missed this riveting documentary on BBC you can catch up using the BBC iplayer (click the hyperlink). This was described as a 1 in a billion find, such is the importance of this discovery. Be amazed at how Steve and his friends designed a skid mounted box to recover this huge and importnat …

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Field Trip to Hill Farm, Maxstoke & Corley Rocks – 19/8/23 by Mike Allen

This excursion examines two sites offering perhaps the best exposures of the late Carboniferous Red-Beds of the “Warwickshire Group” currently available in the north of the county. They are located on opposite sides of the Warwickshire Coalfield (an uplifted area known as the Coventry Horst) and both display outcrops of current-bedded sandstone delivered by large …

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WGCG Suffolk Field trip 15-17th September 2023  by Frances Morley

We assembled in Saxmundham Market Hall on Friday evening to meet our leader for the weekend, Tim Holt-Wilson. Despite problems with the projector, he delivered an interesting and informative talk about the geology of Suffolk, setting the scene for the field trip. Whilst walking to the next location, we passed the impressive ruins of a 14th century …

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