Outreach events

The Outreach Team aims to run 4 geological events each year. These are free fun family orientated events promoting geology in a hands on way.

To ensure we cover all areas of Warwickshire for maximum reach we tend not to appear at the same event over consecutive years.

  • GeoWeek: Gold in them thar Burton Dassett hills? Yes! Fool’s Gold! – Sunday 12 May 10:30 am

    When: 12th May 2019 10:30:am.
    Where: Burton Dassett Hills Country Park
    What to expect: Are the Burton Dassett Hills magnetic? Why? Find out Sunday 12 May 10:30 am. The views are great but what’s this 'outlier' beneath your feet? How come those hills are still there after millions of years and English weather erosion? John will lead the walk to see fossils and talk about the geology, industrial archaeology and changing economics which brought mineral extraction to an end. Which mineral? Which metal? How did it get there? John is always ready to chat about rocks, fossils and geology.

Talk: "Geology & Wine in Southern France” by Roger Suthren, 7pm, Wed 19 Feb, 2020More info...