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Wed 6 June, Video: Birth of Britain 2 of 3 Ice Age – Tony Robinson

This is a great video explaining the mechanisms that brought about the ice ages. Tony Robinson takes us on a tour around Britain looking at the geomorphologic features that were a consequence of the ice ages of Britain. At:

Wed, 27 May, Video: How the Alps were formed – Part 2

This is the second part of this OU video of the formation of the Alps. This talk focuses on the Pennine mountain range (Southern Section) of the Alps which contains evidence of the subducted oceanic plate that existed between Italy and Europe prior to the Alpine orogenic event. The scenery, as well as the geology, is outstanding.

Wed, 20 May, Video: How the Alps were formed

The Wednesday Geology Video this week take us on a trip to the Alps. Ever wonder how these imposing mountains were formed? Staff of the OU take us on a trip and explain how they have been able to unravel these amazing structures.

18 May, Video: Mount St Helens eruption 40th anniversary 

For those of you interested in volcanoes, this is a good website with lots of information about the Mount St Helens eruption, marking the 40th anniversary of the event.
It seems that there will be a ‘virtual day’ taking place live on anniversary tomorrow, 18th May.

13 May, Talk: Fracked or Fiction? Martin Carruthers, via Zoom

Members are invited to enjoy some Fieldwork at Home by revealing
• The geology of your house, ground beneath, or garden, • Geology of your daily walk? • Your favourite specimen (rock, fossil. or mineral) or favourite geology related photograph in your collection? More info

These two websites might be of interest to those who are interested in volcanoes.
Smithsonian / USGS Weekly Volcanic Activity Report – – Gives updates and information about recent volcanic eruptions around the world.

Volcanoes of Kurile-Kamchatka Island Arc. Webcams – – Webcams showing some of the volcanoes in Kamchatka. Some of them are often active.


The Amazing Volcanic Past of the Black Cuillins, Presented by Tony Robinson – This is part of the Birth of Britain series

The Black Cuillins of Skye – A 20 minute YouTube video – starts at 31:45 – Wait for it to load. Black screen will give way to video.

The remains of ancient volcanic systems on Skye can be seen in the Cuillin and Red Hills. This was formed during an intense period of volcanic activity in the area during the time when north west Europe was splitting from North America and the North Atlantic was formed. The Black Cuillins are mainly made up from gabbro and peridotite and the Red Hills from red-coloured granite. These rocks were formed about 55 million years ago, relatively recent in geology terms.

Database of Iceland’s Volcanoes

Geo Bakeoff – Get cooking and send your photos to the Geol Soc:


Rivers Under the Sea talk

What Coal Mining Hydrogeology tells us about the Real Risks of Fracking

Updates to the Geology in the West Country