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NEWS: The June Extra 2020 edition of Down to Earth Magazine is here to view on-screen or download

Exotic Terranes of the Pacific Northwest
This is a easy to understand lecture on Terranes. Delivered in a lively and amusing style, the lecture brings together important structural processes that are unravelled using lithology, paleomagnetism, biostratigraphy as well as other techniques. Whilst the area discussed is the NW of North America, the process applies to the Terranes of the UK. Well worth a watch. Speaker is Nick Zentner of Central Washington University.

Members are invited to enjoy some Fieldwork at Home by revealing
• The geology of your house, ground beneath, or garden, • Geology of your daily walk? • Your favourite specimen (rock, fossil. or mineral) or favourite geology related photograph in your collection? More info

NEWS: The May 2020 edition of Down to Earth is here to view as an on-screen download Pages 1-16 and Pages 17-32

Geoheritage and the UK’s Most Significant Geological Sites – Rob Butler, University of Aberdeen

Excellent Geo Walk & Trail Guides Free download: Leaflets, guides & books created/commissioned by WGCG – Please enjoy within Gov.uk Covid 19 Guidelines I.e., “One form of exercise a day, for example a run, walk, or cycle – alone or with members of your household.” 

Interpretation Boards & Panels – Free download: Created or commissioned by WGCG.

Voyages in Deep Time Website – Download The Voyager from the App Store or Google Play – These links take to directly to the correct App.

Kids Stuff – Lots to download free at bottom of the page – Colouring in stencils for Dinos & Sea Creatures, Crosswords & Word Search, How Do Fossils Form? Earth & Erosion Processes. More on our Links Page including: –

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The David Thompson Archive 
Field Guides from the field trips of David Thompson to Staffordshire and Cheshire

“Astbury Hydraulic Lime Company”
Video 38 minutes long, a tour through tunnels and air shafts of Astbury Lime Works, including some geological commentary, reference to Red Rock Fault etc. The DBT Archive has details of the NSGGA visit on 6th June 1996, led by David & John Rees
[BGS] “looking” at Lower Carboniferous volcanics in Apedale & Astbury.

“Mow Cop Tunnels and Tramways”
Video 23 minutes long, a tour under southern end of Mow Cop along the tramway
line which ran from Tower Hill and Stonetrough collieries on the east, to the
Macclesfield Canal at Kent Green on the west.


Geoscientist An excellent monthly magazine from the Geological Society

Earth Heritage (Julie Harrald is on the editorial board of this publication)

Down to Earth – Down to Earth, June 2020, is here to view on-screen or download

Down to Earth – Down to Earth, May 2020, Part 1 of 2 (Page 1-16) is here to view or download

Down to Earth – Down to Earth, May 2020, Part 2 of 2 (Page 17-32) is here to view or download

Down to Earth – Down to Earth, April 2020, is here to view or download

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