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An Introduction to the Geology of Iceland
by Stuart Blake for WGCG 17 March 2021

Geological Time and The Anthropocene
by Ian Fairchild for WGCG 17 Feb 2021

Fifty Years of Plate Tectonics
by Marco Maffione for WGCG 14 Oct 2020

Henry Clifton Sorby,
Sheffield’s Greatest Scientist
by Noel Worley for WGCG 21 April 2021

The Geology of Arran; Overseas without going overseas! by Stuart Blake for WGCG
17 June 2020

The Geology of Eigg & Rum
by Angus Miller for WGCG
8 July 2020

The Triassic Arden Sandstone by Stuart Burley for WGCG December 2021

Kilchrist Caldera on the Isle of Skye – Simon Drake – WGCG February 2022

Earthquake disasters by Ebkal Hussain – WGCG April 2022

Dinosaurs: New Visions of a Lost World’by Prof. Mike Benton OBE, FRS, FRSE for WGCG September 2022

The Moine Thrust Controversy by Peter Gutteridge for WGCG November 2022

The geology of the Chiltern Chalks and the potential impact of HS2 – Haydon Bailey – April 2023

Field Trip: The Chester Formation, Roundberry Quarry, Warwickshire – Ray Pratt – June 2023

Field Trip: The Helsby Formation, Guys Cliffe, Warwick – Stuart Burley – July 2023

Field Trip: The Helsby Formation, Warwick Castle, Warwick – Jon Radley – July 2023

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