Bubbenhall Woodland and Meadow

Bubbenhall Woodland and Meadow

These boards are erected at the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust’s reserves at Bubbenhall Woodland and Meadow.  The geological content was produced by WGCG.  The Meadow is restored land on the site of a sand and gravel quarry, which is a Local Geological Site – Wood Farm Quarry LGS 90.

When quarrying commenced at wood Farm in 2001 clues about Warwickshire Ice Age past were revealed. The sands and gravels were deposited by a powerful river during a relatively warm period in the Ice Age.
Its wide valley extends from Bubbenhall to Baginton. Underneath the gravels, channels of an ancient river bed contain fossil evidence of temperature interglacial fauna. Fossil remains include the neck bone, teeth and tusk fragments of a straight-tusked elephant.
In 2004, a Lower Palaeolithic hand axe was discovered at Wood Farm that confirmed our distance ancestors lived in this area more than 350,000 years ago – possibly Heidelberg Man (homo heidelbergensis)

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Last Updated on 02 Apr 2021