School Case Studies

Since 2013 WGCG have teamed up with a number of local primary schools to provide an opportunity for children to learn outdoors and out of the school environment. Burton Dassett Hills is the perfect location to promote geology, our Teaching-Pack-Burton-Dassett has been designed to fit with the National Curriculum for year 5/6.

How does it all work?

Before the event someone from the outreach team makes an appointment to meet the member of staff to run through the details and to establish what the school would like to achieve from the activity.

A date will be agreed for the leader of the activity to come into school and brief the children beforehand. The leader will be someone who has the necessary knowledge (usually a retired Geology Teacher)

On the day of the event buses will come to school to collect the children and staff. The children will need to bring clothing suitable for the weather conditions at the time and a packed lunch. They will divide into 5 groups and go about each task in turn supported by a member of the Outreach Team. The children will make notes take photographs or make sketches.

Projects will then be written up at school. Here’s an example of previous work created by the children.

We ask that the teacher responsible makes a short list of the best reports and submit them to us to decide on a prize winner.

WGCG is happy to attend an awards session and presentation if the school wishes.

The activity is limited to one class group at a time to ensure activities can be well-managed with safety for all.

School Staff
We need enough staff to be sure that all the groups have a member of staff with them; this will depend on the total number of children.

Health and Safety
We ask that the school is responsible for their own risk assessment.

WGCG are able to cover the cost of the transport and a £25 prize to the winning child thanks to the Rob Holloway Legacy. All members from WGCG are volunteers.

Contact Us
For the purposes of the schools project and if your school would like more information or would like to become involved,
please contact Frances Morley via the WGCG Group e-mail: [email protected] or use go to  Contact Us page.

We’ve teamed up with The Lapworth Museum, Birmingham University to offer a grant, available to primary schools to be used to cover the cost of transporting 1 class group for a taught and pre-booked visit to The Lapworth Museum, Birmingham University. The number of pupils to be agreed with The Lapworth Museum when you book. See more details and how to apply here

Last Updated on 19 Apr 2021