WGCG Secretary, Ray Pratt

Ray Pratt MSc FGS

Ray was involved in oil and gas exploration and production for 37 years prior to retiring. A geology graduate of Kings College London, Ray has worked as a mudlogger, pore pressure engineer, wellsite geologist, operations geologist and petrophysicist.

In 1995, Ray completed an MSc in Management with a thesis on Self Directed Teams in Oil and Gas. Soft skills learned from his research thesis have been successfully practised in his roles as Operations Geologist and Petrophysicist with a number of client companies.

Ray’s career has taken him around the world working is some exotic locations as well as some of the harshest environments on the planet.

Since retiring in 2016, Ray has pursued active roles in learned and professional societies, attending and giving talks, participating and leading field trips as well as promoting geoscience to young students and the public.

Ray is a director of Geostart (UK) Ltd with interests in farming and tourism, as well as geological consulting.


  • American Association of Petroleum Geologists
  • Black Country Geological Society
  • Geologists Association
  • Geological Society of London -West Midlands Regional Group Chairman and Professional Committee member
  • London Petrophysics Society
  • Norwegian Formation Evaluation Society – Honorary member
  • Open University Geological Society – Northern branch
  • Warwickshire Geological Conservation Group – Secretary

Last Updated on 29 Mar 2021