Charles Lyell’s Notebooks Saved

A fundraising campaign that enabled the University of Edinburgh to purchase and save Charles Lyell’s original notebooks from being taken abroad. WGCG was pleased to contribute to the funding. “Best known for his bestselling book, Principles of Geology (1830-1833), Lyell established the theory that the earth was millions of years old and that it was …

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New Ryton Pools Interpretation Panel

Ryton Pools, Dunsmore, Geology Interpretation Board

The Ryton Pools Interpretation Panel tells the story of the Bytham River flowed along a wide valley stretching from here to Baginton, running north-eastwards into the North Sea. Sands and gravels that were deposited by the river were once quarried here.Bones have been found which show that the area was home to many animals such …

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‘Henry Clifton Sorby – Microscopist & Geologist – Sheffield’s Greatest Scientist’ by Noel Worley for WGCG 21 April 2021

Sorby’s geological accomplishments have since undergone a reprise with international scientific recognition in the fields sedimentology, fluid inclusion geochemistry, structural geology and cosmology.  His greatest triumphs were undoubtedly in the development and application of microscopic techniques and he is regarded throughout the world as the father of petrography, metallography and sedimentology.  He unleashed the power …

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